So why are we here?

You are probably wondering what it is we do that brought us here?

We Create Content
If you or your company is in need of event posting, websites, blog posts, social media, articles, speeches, newsletter campaigns, etc., simply give us your thoughts, and we will come up with the materials.

Improv Training (Virtual)
Improvisation, or Improv. is much more than a performance style done by comedic actors. It can be used to help anyone with communication, team building, self expression, creativity, and confidence. Let AJ and John work with you and your employees, team, or students to build a stronger bond within your group and create a more cohesive unit.

Motivational Speaking (Virtual)
You may have a lot of great messages to share but are unsure how to get them across to your team, staff, group or company.  We can help build a plan for you and work with you to create the messaging.

Having the right sound to a voice in your ad or commercial is as important as the message itself. Send us your script, or let us write one for you!

Voice Characterizations
Make your message stand out by putting a unique "character" into the sound of your ad or commercial.
Podcasts Content Development
The first one probably sounded great - but what are you going to say on the next one? Putting a plan together is a great way to develop your podcast messaging and persona.

Creative Consulting
What are you looking to do and how can we help you do it? Ad? Commercial? Flyer? Blog? Story? Video? Not sure? Let's see how we can figure it out together

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